Five Secrets to Acing Your Final

I don’t mean to brag, but I have taken roughly 50 tests in my college career, and I’m proud to say I have had only two C’s. The rest were A’s and B’s. No, I’m not a genius, but years of test taking has taught me the best strategy to acing any exam.
This year, skip the all-night cramming, and read these tips on how to successfully prepare for your finals.
No more than a cup: Too much caffeine can make you anxious and make you feel apprehensive about the upcoming test. So, if you need an energy boost when you get out of bed, only have one cup of coffee, or get your energy from natural sources.

Cramming is useless: It’s a fact that your brain needs time to soak in that extra information, so start studying three days before your test, study for an hour each night, and get a good night’s sleep before.
Focus on the important stuff: When you get ready to crack open the book, only study the print that is bolded, italicized or boxed. Things like definitions and foot notes will be the meat and potatoes of the test.
Bum notes off others: Did you miss class one day? Maybe you just didn’t take good notes. Ask one of your fellow neighbors if you can copy down some of theirs.
Your intuition knows best: Eighty percent of the time, your gut instinct knows best. When you’re second guessing yourself on a question, go with your first guess.
Make notes on the back: Before you even write your name on the test, jot down important notes. Things like equations or long definitions that are important to know, but hard to memorize, should be scribbled in blank areas of the test for easy reference.
Pester your professor: No one says you can’t ask your teachers what exactly will be on the final, and they’ll spill the beans if you bug them enough. I’ve had some professors even tell me what the much-dreaded essay question would be. Explain to your professor that you’re struggling in their class and that you would like to know how you can do better.
What are your favorite ways to ace finals?