Five Space-Savers for Your Dorm

Making your dorm feel less crammed is all about storing your items vertically. Either stack it to the ceiling, or hang it on the wall. Follow these steps, and you’ll be in open-space bliss.
Stuff it underneath the bed: When you lived at home, your bed was probably a “catch-all” with everything from dirty clothes to un-clean dishes. Now that valuable space can be turned into a storage haven. Organization is the key, so place your lesser-used items into plastic bins. Try to keep similar items together, and mark the lid with a sharpie, so you don’t have to open every bin to find that much-needed item.
Use every inch of your closet: Purchase a double-hang closet organizer like this one. All you do is hang a rod from your existing one, and you’ve just doubled your wardrobe space. Don’t think of your closet as just for clothes. Purchase plastic stackable drawers in which you can cram your miscellaneous items.
Hooks are your best friends: Don’t just think coats and jackets; anything from a hair brush to a hand towel can be placed on a hook. If it has a loop to hang it, do that instead of using precious drawer space.
Racks make the best storage: Purchase as many racks as possible. Use one in the bathroom for your toiletries, one in the kitchen (if you have one) for spices and one above your desk for books and office supplies.
Purchase furniture that doubles as storage: Your desk should have plenty of drawers. You should have a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table. If you can’t store items in your furniture, or if it doesn’t stack or fold, it doesn’t belong in you dorm.
If both you and your roommate can keep the dorm tidy, and as long as all of your belongings are put in their appropriate place, your dorm will always feel spacious. Keeping your dorm un-crammed is all about working with your roommate to keep a clean living space.
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