Follett Rents Textbooks Through College Bookstores

Well, it seems that college bookstores are trying to get in on the popular new trend of textbook rental.
Follett Higher Education Group announced a new plan to expand its textbook rental program to 850 college and university bookstores. In fall 2009, Follett’s pilot program was implemented at seven schools and saved students almost $2 million, as opposed to buying textbooks. By January 2010, there were 27 schools participating in the program. Starting the 2010 school year, Follett expects to have rental programs in place at more than 800 schools.
“Our rental program is efficient and value-driven and will benefit students while providing them with yet another affordable choice from Follett bookstores,” said Thomas A. Christopher, president of Follett Higher Education Group. “We have been at the forefront of cost-savings programs for more than a century, and this is just one of many options…to drive down the cost of course materials.”
Like, Follett will offer textbook rentals online in addition to campus bookstores. However, Follett has an advantage over other online book rental companies, because the university bookstores associated with Follett will accept financial aid and campus cards as payment.
“Feedback from more than 1,400 students in our survey was overwhelmingly positive and helpful,” Christopher said. He also said that more than 90 percent of the students surveyed were satisfied with the program.
Follett is not the only bookstore-associated rental program. Barnes and Noble and Borders have also recently announced plans to rent textbooks to students.
Via Follett Higher Education Group