Forever 21 Launches Trendy Teenage Maternity Clothes

After the premiere of the popular television show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, teen pregnancy is slowly becoming more socially acceptable. Surprisingly, parents are finding themselves encouraging safe sex campaigns sponsored by Planned Parenthood as opposed to abstinence only campaigns endorsed in the past.
Yet despite the new lax on society morals, controversy comes into the media again as the popular teen clothing line chain Forever 21 launches a new maternity line called Love 21.
Love 21 will be in Texas, California, Arizona, Alaska and Utah this month. Three of those states have traditionally high rates of teen pregnancy, however Larry Meyer, Forever 21 Executive Vice President told the press that, “any connection between the locations of stores carrying the line and pregnancy rates is a coincidence.”
The branding of the company is marketed to trendy teens on a budget, so it comes as no surprise that parents are worrying that their clothing is attempting to glamorize or make teenage pregnancy trendy.
The next question is how fast will Forever 21 book Bristol Palin as their new spokes-model for the line?