Four Fast Breakfasts for Busy College Students

Thinking of skipping breakfast? Think again. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism, and gives you the energy you need to start your day. Plus, it keeps you from overeating at lunchtime.
Busy college students often think they don’t have time to grab breakfast in the mornings. They leave their tummies growling at their first class or search for something breakfast-like in the vending machines.
To ensure that you have a quick, healthy breakfast, discover these four meals that won’t disappoint your appetite.
Fruit smoothie: Both filling and healthy, smoothies are amazingly portable. Plus, with all the fruits out there, the combinations are endless. Combine one cup of your favorite yogurt, one cup of your favorite fruit, one tablespoon of pure cane sugar and four ice cubes. Place in blender, and blend until smooth.

A banana and and a handful of almonds: This isanother perfectly-portable breakfast. Packed with vitamins and minerals, bananas will give you the energy boost you need to start the day, and almonds contain rare nutrients that will help you stay alert and sharp.
Parfait: The perfect dish to solve that morning sweet tooth, parfaits are an easy-to-make breakfast. Place a serving of Greek yogurt and one-half cup of your favorite fruit into a bowl. Mix, and sprinkle some granola on top. Blueberries are an awesome fruit choice because they’re packed with Vitamin C and fiber.
PB&J English muffin: With less calories than half of a bagel, English muffins make the perfect choice for those fasting off their Freshmen 15. Additionally, the protein in the peanut butter will keep you feeling full until lunchtime.
Got better breakfast ideas? Tell EDU what you eat in the mornings when you’re running late to class.
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