Four Ways to Fake Your Way Through a Test

It happens to the best of us: You get to class on time. You find that everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of your professor. Your friend leans over and asks: “How do you think you’re going to do on the test?” Then it hits you. You completely forgot you had a test today.
So what do you do now? Read these tips below to avert this common test-taking crisis:
Don’t panic: This is everyone’s first reaction when they forget about tests, but it is the worst thing you can do. Your thinking becomes cloudy when you start to worry. Stay calm and confident. Breathe, and tell yourself that you can get through it.

Read through the directions: The last thing you need to do at this point is make careless mistakes. Though test directions rarely vary, it never hurts to read them. Even better, some instructors put helpful hints in their directions to cut you some slack.
Go with your gut instinct: Your first guess is generally your best. Somewhere along the way, you probably picked up that particular bit of information, and it stuck. Some test-takers put too much thought into questions, and it usually gets them into trouble. Just know that your first guess is going to be the most logical.
Come back to the difficult questions: You can’t get a question right if you don’t answer it. Complete the test as best as you can the first time, and answer the ones you left blank the second round. Sometimes teachers accidentally drop hints in other questions further on in the test that could help you on the questions you’re struggling with. Be sure to use those tidbits to your advantage.
Warning!: These tips are only to be used in a test-taking emergency. EDU does not guarantee that you’ll get a good grade by relying on these four strategies, nor do we recommend that you use it in place of studying.
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