Foursquare Launches Universities 2.0 on Hundreds of College Campuses

Last year, the popular social media app foursquare announced plans to officially partner with more than 20 universities across the nation to help students explore their college campuses and learn about their school’s traditions. The program was a huge success and now than 10 million users joined in on the fun. Now foursquare is making the program even bigger and better with a new and improved version called Universities 2.0.
Universities 2.0 will have all of the fun features that the original foursquare for universities had, such as the ability to check in at various locations on campus, learn about traditions and folklore, and see what your friends thought about various things related to your campus. However, Universities 2.0 will have something that the original program did not have: badges. These badges will represent the schools on foursquare and also could be used on college campuses to advertise that the campus is a foursquare-friendly zone.

The new program will also be expanding to include many new schools, including Arizona State University, Duke University, Ohio State University, Texas A&M, Texas Tech University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Kansas, University of Oklahoma, University of Oregon, University of South Florida, University of Southern California, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia University. The inclusion of all of these news schools will bring the total number of schools that will be participating in the program up to several hundred. Foursquare also plans on making many improvements to the program in the near future, which will no-doubt make the program even easier and more enjoyable to use.
If you want to get more involved with foursquare by bringing the program to your school or by helping to create your school’s badge, click here.