Free Virtual College Education at YouTube EDU

Today marked the first day of class for Youtube EDU. They’ve aggregated all of their video content related to more than 100 universities into a new space at You’ll find the expected throwbacks to college life, but more importantly they’ve created a space virtually offering free education to anyone with Internet access. It’s bound to become a go-to source for those planning to attend college, or those already in class, looking for some additional support, as you’ll find college news, campus tours, lecture series and other resources.
Currently there are more than 200 full-length college courses, including MIT’s Introduction to Quantum Mechanics II or Stanford’s Introduction to Chemical Engineering. The Culinary Institute of America offers a video series teaching you how to cook, while the University of Oklahoma has created a virtual campus tour. It’s easy to get lost in all content, and anyone seeking out this kind of information will be grateful YouTube has made it so easily accessible.
As YouTube continues to be a formidable competitor in search, and video content being some of the most sought-after on the Internet, YouTube EDU will no doubt create a draw for co-eds, alum, parents, advisors and anyone else looking for a modern learning tool.