Frog Dissection iPad App Allows Students to Learn without Harming Frogs

My least favorite class in high school was biology, which isn’t strange because I like science and I really enjoy learning about the world around me. So, it seems like biology should have been one of my favorite classes right? Well, it was…until we had to dissect a frog.
I don’t know if you have ever dissected a frog, but it was an awful experience for me. First off, they stink. Really, really badly. Secondly, I hate dead things; they just give me the creeps. And the third major problem for me was that a frog had to die so that I could dig around in its intestines. It just was not at all pleasant for me.
If only my biology teacher had had an iPad.
Emantras Interactive Technologies has created a very useful app for biology students called Frog Dissection. Frog Dissection does exactly what it sounds like it should do: it allows you to “dissect” a frog on your iPad using highly realistic images, labels, and verbal descriptions.
The app starts with a frog that is lying on its back. You then have the option of where to cut and what you want to learn about, including muscle structure, intestines, the reproductive system, and the skeletal system. The app has clear instructions that are easy to follow, actual dissection tools such as pins and a scalpel, quizzes to challenge your memory, and 3D images of individual organs so you can really see what the dissected frog looks like.
Even if you do not want to dissect a frog, you can still learn from this app. Frog Dissection allows users to study the scientific classification of frogs, frog life cycles, and organ functions. It also allows users to compare the human body to the frog body, which is very interesting.
This is a great option for anyone who wants to “dissect” a frog, without actually dissecting the frog. The app was recently awarded the Mark Twain Ethical Science Award, making it a good alternative for users who do not want to practice on an actual frog. In addition to being a more humane alternative to a real dissection, Frog Dissection allows users to practice dissections before making a cut on a real frog, which could save time and money spent in a lab. Frog Dissection is also great for frog fans who want to learn more about frogs and their life cycles.
If this app had been around during my high school days, I would have loved to use it. The images are excellent and I feel like I learned more from this app than from my real dissection. This is probably because I was not traumatized by the stench and my feelings for the froggy. If you are like me, then asking your teacher to use this app instead of real frogs is a great idea.
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Try Frog Dissection for $4.99.