Fuel Up to Play 60 Boosts Funding for Healthy Kids

Fuel Up to Play 60, the in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by National Dairy Council, local Dairy Councils and the National Football League, in collaboration with United States Department, just announced that it is adding more money to its nationwide funding initiative for K-12 schools enrolled in the school wellness program.
Fuel Up to Play 60 shares the same sentiments as First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, namely to prevent childhood obesity by encouraging young Americans to move more and choose healthier foods.
The new and increased funding initiative provides money to help schools jump-start and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements. Eligible schools can apply for up to $3,000 to help them increase awareness of and access to nutrient-rich foods and physical activity opportunities for students.
Fuel Up to Play 60 empowers students to engage their peers to “fuel up” with nutrient-rich foods they often lack – particularly low-fat and fat-free milk and milk products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains – and “get up and play” with 60 minutes of daily physical activity.
Interested in knowing how Fuel Up to Play 60 can benefit you? Read on.
For students, the campaign is a fun, interactive program that allows you to help make your school an even healthier place. You can put your ideas and plans into action to help everyone eat healthy and get active. By participating in active challenges with your classmates along the way, you have a chance to unlock cool content and earn badges, and you may even be recognized on the Fuel Up to Play 60 website.
For schools, Fuel Up to Play 60 offers leadership opportunities for adolescent health and wellness with the support of business and industry leaders. The campaign continues to grow as government, business, health and wellness organizations, communities and families join the effort. Last year more than 60,000 joined Fuel Up to Play 60 to increase student access to healthy foods and more physical activity.
If you are interested in having your school participate in this fun and important healthy program, check out the Fuel Up to Play 60 website to learn more about the application process. Just keep in mind that full applications must be completed and submitted before the December 1, 2010 and February 15, 2011 deadlines.
Good luck!