Fun Date Party Ideas for the New School Year

If you are in a sorority or fraternity, then I bet there is one thing that you have sorely been missing this summer and can’t wait for school to start again so you can have it. What could I be talking about? Date parties!
If you are new to the Greek Life and haven’t got a clue what a date party is, let me fill you in. Date parties are usually themed parties hosted by a fraternity or sorority. Members of the fraternity of sorority get to a bring a date to these parties and the couples usually dress up according to the theme.
Although date parties are a lot of fun, sometimes it can be hard to think of a theme. If you are the party planner for your group, feel free to snag some of my ideas from below and then party the night away!

PJ Party. This could be a great date party idea if you are have an informal party. Everyone – college kids especially – likes lounging around in their pajamas on a Saturday morning, so why not extend the tradition to Saturday night as well? An added benefit is that you won’t have to search hard for your “costume” and you’ll be comfortable all night long, whether you are dancing while a DJ spins some tracks or if you are all watching a movie together.
Sloppy Seconds. Obviously you don’t want your best friend’s sloppy seconds, but what about a complete stranger’s? Okay, I’m not talking about kissing partners here, I’m talking about thrift shop clothes. The only rule for this party idea is that everyone has to get their outfits from a thrift shop. Cool points and prizes go to the couple that has the best outfit.

Blind Dates for All. This one could get a little tricky, but the idea is that everybody brings a date for another person. Blind dates are always a little awkward, but maybe it won’t be so bad if every other member of your house is also on a blind date. Even if nobody finds his/her soul mate at this date party, there are sure to be some funny stories.
Here are some broader theme ideas that you can mold and make into your own brilliant master plan:
Decades Themed Parties. Pick your favorite decade, then plan your party accordingly. People should dress like they did in this decade, play music from this decade, and maybe rent out a movie theater to show a film from this era.
Color Themed Parties. Whatever your house’s colors are should probably be the theme of this party. Everyone should dress in this color, all foods and drinks, should be in this color, decorations, etc.
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