Gary Johnson College and Educational Background

The Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate for the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, Gary Johnson once served as Governor of New Mexico. Using his gubernatorial veto 200 times in his first six months, he managed to cut his state’s budget by ten percent and showcase his dedication to his own beliefs. Before his time as governor, Johnson was the owner of a multi-million-dollar construction company. All in all, he’s a rather busy man.
When not running for President or governor, he somehow finds time to write; he authored and published his first book, Seven Features of Good Government, in 2012. When not at work, it might be impossible to find this active senior at his desk. This accomplished athlete, and former track star, climbed all 29,000 feet of Mount Everest in 2003. With all these things taking up his free time, it seems unlikely he will move beyond his current baccalaureate education.
One of three children born to Lorraine and Earl Johnson, Gary came into the world on January 1st of 1953. From his birthplace of North Dakota, the family moved to New Mexico; this state played a much bigger role in Johnson’s life. After graduating from Sandia High School in 1971, Gary enrolled at the University of New Mexico to pursue his bachelor’s degree. Majoring in political science, he became active with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon. While with his fraternity, he met his ex-wife Dee Sims and laid the foundations for his construction business.
In 1975, Johnson graduated with a bachelors’ degree in political science. All the while, his construction business kept growing. Finding the overnight success of his business burdensome, Johnson enrolled in a time management course at a night school. He credits this single course with developing his goal-setting and management abilities later in life. In conclusion, Johnson’s education aligned well with his ultimate goals and lends itself to his current candidacy. After all, what degree better prepares you for the campaign trail than political science?