Get Creative with Mac and Cheese

If you’re living in a dorm, you probably find yourself eating mac and cheese at least twice a week. Sure it’s cheap, but aren’t your taste buds getting bored?
Read these tips on how to add some zing to that little blue box:
Hamburger mac: Add a pound of cooked ground beef to your cheese and noodles.
Tex-Mex mac: Stir in a package of taco seasoning and ground beef to have your in-dorm fiesta.
BBQ mac and cheese: All you need is some KC Masterpiece and Little Smokies to add some flavor to your quick-fix supper.
Mac and cheese in Alfredo sauce: Swap out that powdery yellow substance for some already-made Alfredo sauce.

Chili mac: Just add some chili powder and tomato sauce to your favorite brand of mac and cheese.
Hidden Valley mac: Use ranch dressing instead of cheese. Add some of your favorite veggies for that much-needed brain food, and serve cold.
Mac and cheese nachos: All you need to do is add some sour cream, salsa and tortilla chips to your mac and cheese. This recipe is the perfect snack for study groups.
Tuna mac and cheese: Stir in a can of tuna and sprinkle some cracker crumbs on top, and voila! You’ve got yourself a tasty meal.
You don’t necessarily have to follow any of these tips to add some zest to your mac and cheese. Look in your fridge to see how creative you can get. Whether it’s sliced up hot dogs or Gouda cheese, try something new every night to wake up those taste buds.
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