Get In Shape For Spring Break

Guest blogger and co-founder of Girl, Get Strong! Women’s online fitness magazine, Melanie Berezan is a fitness fun-addict, adventure seeker, boundary-pusher, writer, traveler and mum of four amazing little people. Contributor to, and Melanie is currently training for the BMO Vancouver (half) Marathon, raising funds to support Girls on the Run.
Hitting the beach for spring break?
After a long winter of studying and dorm room snacking some of us are wishing we’d spent more time working out at the gym and less time working on textbooks.
But if that’s you, don’t panic. There’s still time to make some quick, easy and (almost) painless changes that will get you on track for your spring break bikini – without cutting into studying time.
Sound good? Read on.
1. Cut back on drink calories. Calories from beverages add up fast, without filling you up. Skip that early morning Starbucks latte and opt for a cup or two of green tea instead. Then substitute water for the afternoon sodas and the evening beer. Not only will you see a significant calorie reduction but you’ll get a much needed antioxidant boost too!
2. Eat enough. Yes, that’s right, eat enough of the right foods. If you find yourself reaching for high calorie snacks when studying, try stocking up on easy to grab fruit or unsweetened fruit cups instead. Unsweetened applesauce is a healthy, guilt-free snack and at approximately 50 calories per cup, you can even splurge on two.

3. Don’t have time to hit the gym? There are great short workouts you can slip in during study breaks without even leaving your room. Old school jumping jacks, pushups and crunches don’t take much space but will get your heart rate up, build up your strength and clear your mind too. Or head outside with a skipping rope for an amazing cardio burn in less than ten minutes.
It’s always helpful to pencil your workouts into your study schedule, but if your planner is packed full, start with these easy steps and make bigger changes down the road. You’ll be hitting the beach bikini ready in no time!