Give Back to Teachers at CharitySub in February

Teachers don’t always get the appreciation that they deserve, but this month you can help change that. During February,’s charity focus is on teachers and educators, and for just $5 you can help make a difference. The five dollars you donate will go to one of three Empowered Education programs that the community giving organization is focused on.
Each month, the members of donate just $5 to help a different cause, which changes monthly and has included service animals, veterans, sustainable fishing, arts education, and childhood obesity. Three organizations for each cause are featured in a brief video, and members select which organization will receive their $5.

This month, your $5 will help one of the three Empowered Education programs. Take a look here and then learn more at
1. Teaching Matters is a program designed to increase teacher effectiveness to prepare all students with critical thinking and college readiness skills. Teachers in urban schools are trained through Teaching Matters to build skills that help close the learning gaps within each grade. By giving five dollars this month, the program will be continue to reach 2,000 public school teachers and 80,000 students.
2. Center For Inspired Teaching (Inspired Teaching) trains teachers to do more than just inform students on school subjects. The program is designed to train teachers to reengage and more actively by building a student’s intellect, inquiry, imagination, and integrity. Donating five dollars to Inspired Teaching will go to schools in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas.
3. lets donors help teachers purchase resources for their classrooms. Since was created it in 1998, it has been able to help 3,705,032 students nationally! All of the money raised through has gone to classrooms in need. Your donation will be able to help a teacher buy a range of school supplies like pencils, crayons, markers, tissue, and so much more, alleviating the burden of costs that typically come directly from a teacher’s pocket.
If you have five extra dollars on you this month, don’t hesitate to donate to one of the educational programs through CharitySub!
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