Graduation is Right Around the Corner

Just this last week, Josten’s came to East High to deliver our caps and gowns. Upon receiving the graduation attire, it made graduation so much more tangible for the anxious senior class. We have been counting down the days to Senior’s Last Day for nearly two weeks now and getting the cap, gown, and graduation announcements made it seem like graduation and our last day as students in the halls of East High are that much closer.
It seems that all of this is rather bitter-sweet. Sweet in the sense that we have less than 30 days until Seniors Last Day. Almost a month until graduation. Bitter then considering it may be the last time we see some of our friends, knowing we are going to part ways and go down our own paths. All of us say we are ready for last day and graduation, but it makes me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, wonder about what the future holds for us. Considering the next step in the college process is letting our schools know where we plan to attend, makes everything also so much more tangible since it comes before Senior’s Last Day and graduation.
While the situation may be bitter-sweet, I’m also very excited to see what happens and where everyone ends up. So while my friends and I count down the days left at East High, I will be constantly wondering about where I will be this time next year, and how much different people may be. Graduation is keeping us going, and none of us can believe how fast its approaching!