Graphic T-Shirts are a Hot Campus Trend

With back to school shopping on every parent and school aged kid’s mind the requests have been pouring in for Allison to give another report on what trends will be popular this fall.

Allison Kramer is a high school student, aspiring to attend the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, who is inviting you into the real world of teenage girls. Allison has a video blog on her YouTube channel, Ally Baley, where she shares makeup, shopping and fashion advice while giving you an inside look at the actual life of the American teenager.

I believe graphic tees should be a staple in every student’s wardrobe. They look casual and effortless, while still being trendy, polished and put together. My favorite outfit to wear to school is an over-sized graphic tee, pattern leggings and boots during the winter months.

Another advantage of graphic T-shirts is that they are so versatile, because they can be dressed up or down. If you pair a tee with a leather jacket and jeans it can look laid back and androgynous. Or girls can dress it up with a skirt and high-waisted belt to add a more polished wardrobe presentation.
Men can also wear graphic tees. Popular this fall are the graphic tees of action heroes and cartoon characters, it makes the nerdy style look contemporary.
Graphic T-shirts come in many different styles from preppy to rocker to school spirited, most are affordable and found at many popular stores for teens, making the stressful and sometimes expensive back to school shopping experience easier on parents and kids alike.
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