Healthy Breakfast Options for Non-Breakfast Students

Somehow this semester, I ended up with classes from 8:30am to 12:30pm, three days a week. I am a morning person, so this isn’t as bad as it sounds, except in one area: my tummy. I used to skip breakfast and have an earlier lunch. However, my new schedule of waiting until 12:30pm or later is killing me. So, I decided to give the experts a chance, who say we should eat breakfast every day, and try making a few breakfasts.
Here are the easiest, healthiest and most portable breakfasts I came up with for non-breakfast-eaters, like myself.
1. Yogurt with berries. My favorite is red raspberry yogurt, covered with fresh blueberries. There is plenty of protein in yogurt, which keeps you full longer, and carbohydrates, to give you a kick of energy early in the morning. Go for fat-free or Greek yogurt to cut fat and calories.
2. A hard-boiled egg with toast. This is really convenient because you can take it with you on your commute to classes. The egg white will give you lots of protein, and the yolk will give you fat, both of which do wonders for managing hunger, and the toast will give you the carbohydrates your brain needs for class.
3. A sandwich. You could make your own, or stop at Subway to get a healthy one with egg whites and veggies, but I prefer peanut butter and honey in the mornings. Just make sure you get some kind of protein because it will give you lasting energy. (Have you noticed a theme here? Foods with energy are the best for morning meals!)
4. An apple and a banana. This combo will give you many of the vitamins you need each day, plus it’s delicious and filling, with very few calories! You can spread some chunky peanut butter on either fruit to add a little crunch and chase them with a glass of milk for protein.
5. Breakfast bar. There are so many options in this category, you are sure to find one you like! My personal favorites are the Special K bars. Just make sure you check the calories, fat and especially the sugar in each brand. Too much sugar in the morning will have you craving something else in about an hour.
If you really are not a breakfast person, try easing into it by eating a small amount each morning, or you could try drinking a morning breakfast drink. Either way, having something in your stomach will help you stay more focused during your classes and will spare you the embarrassment of having a grumbling tummy during your second class of the day. Trust me, I know.