Healthy College Student Check-List

As with everything else in a college student’s life, staying healthy and avoiding downtime due to illness is entirely possible when you choose to make your health a priority. Everything from taking regular medications to scheduling check-ups should be on your calendar or to-do list. While it may seem like a waste of time, the days you don’t spend with the flu, a cold or worse will be the reward.
Schedule Regular Check-Ups
Whether you continue seeing your physicians at home, or make use of the campus health facility, seeing the eye doctor, dentist, gynecologist and others are important to do so on time.
Get Vaccinated
More and more campuses are requiring new students to have current vaccinations, as the dorms and close-quarter classrooms can be breeding grounds for disease and illness. These can include TDAP, Hepatitis B, and you may volunteer to get the flu shot, Hepatitis A, or HPV.
Get Health Insurance
Consider a necessary cost just as you would books, tuition or dinner. In the long run, having student health insurance can save you thousands when the unthinkable happens.
Take Your Meds
Whether it’s as simple as treating a headache with CBD for pain, or taking a regular regimen of prescriptions to treat an illness, staying on top of your medication is important for short- and long-term health. Stay on top of refills, take only what is prescribed, and don’t share with your roomies.
Stock your Medicine Cabinet
You might look the Susie Homemaker of the dorm room, but when you get a cough, cold, paper cut or fever, you’ll be aptyly prepared to treat yourself. Bandages, antibacterial ointment, pain relievers, a thermometer, cold medicine, heartburn medicine and others are important to keep on-hand.
Read on to learn more about how to stay healthy in college and see a more complete check-list.