Hells Angel Finishing High School in Prison

Prison is usually a make or break destination for criminals – they’re either able to rehabilitate or they’re not. For a London Hells Angel, it might have been the luckiest break of his life. Diamond Ialenti was arrested in 2008 carrying a hockey bag full of marijuana (with intent to traffic) and a handgun. Those acts earned him 1,056 days in behind bars.
This full-patch Hells Angel got to work immediately to finish his high school education. Having only ever completed the 9th grade, Ialenti is prepared to finish his high school diploma before leaving the prison. Upon release from prison, he plans to start college.
In order to finish high school before being released, he’ll have to transfer to a different facility. Ialenti has made that request and the judge has agreed to make the recommendation.
“You certainly made some strides during your time in custody. You should be commended for that,” aid Justice Kelly Gorman.
While this story comes to us from London, it’s not too far a cry from the realities in the U.S. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice:

  • 68 percent of inmates did not finish high school
  • 26 percent of state-level inmates complete the GED while incarcerated

London Free Press