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The devastating EF5 tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri may not be making front-page headlines, but for those living in the aftermath of the storm, the story is far from over. According to Reuters, roughly 2,000 buildings were destroyed, including homes, businesses, hospitals and schools. There’s still much rebuilding to be done, and that’s why has launched the Rebuild Joplin Schools project.
For Joplin students, the school year begins August 17th. Area teachers are working to replaced the basic items they lost in the storm, such as books, calculators, pencils, paper, computers and other teaching tools. is an online charity that raises money for students in need. Teachers from across the U.S. post requests for classroom projects, and donors can choose which projects they want to fund. Students and teachers will follow-up with photos of the project and thank-you notes, so you can see how much of an impact even a small donation can make.
You can choose to make a general donation to Rebuild Joplin Schools that will go to the most urgent project, or you can donate to an individual Joplin classroom. Teachers have made a range of requests in their effort to rebuild a welcoming yet effective learn environment.
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