High School Seniors Staring Down Final 9 Weeks

It’s hard to believe once we return from Spring break, which is much needed, that we only have nine more weeks left in our senior year! It’s so weird to think that I only have nine more weeks in the halls and classrooms of East High. Probably thinking I’m getting a little overly sentimental, but I think I can honestly say I have had a good time high school. A lot of people I know have had a rough time in high school for this reason or that, but overall it’s been great for me. I’ve experienced a few things that may have put a damper on my high school experience, but I tried not to let those things ruin my years at East completely.
With this realization of only having nine more weeks of school, it also makes me realize what all I still have ahead of my in what seems like such a short time. International Baccaulaureate testing, graduation, school, softball, and the list goes on! So this realization may also benefit me in that I have a short time to finish a lot of things. Another thing I think of when I realize we only have nine more weeks is that soon I will be hearing from all my colleges! This will be an acting time this time next month because by then I will more than likely know where I’m going!
So while nine weeks may seem short, there is still so much more left in my Senior year!