High School Stress Leads to Baldness

Yes. I fear I may lose all my hair by the time I turn 25. All because of stress. Most High School students are familiar with stress and how it works its evil ways and it works itself into your life and never seems go away. But of course, whether or not you allow the stress to get the best of you or consume your life is what is key.
Stress management is one of the most important things to learn early on in your academic career and be sure to maintain throughout the years, even in college. Stress can cause bad habits, such as overeating, loss of sleep, and another habits such as nail biting that never seem to go away. My friend recently told me to remember when you are stressed to remember you are a person and not just a student. This is actually a great piece of advice. It’s telling you to look at other aspects of your life when one stresses you out and try to focus on other things in order to remove the stress.
Great ways to relieve stress can involve things such as sleep, watching a movie, or even just taking a break from what you are doing. Just relax by not doing anything. A favorite way to relieve stress I utilize all the time is finding a favorite CD and dancing around to it in my room with the music turned up! Of course, I’m sure many of you may find this ridiculous, but there is something about it that allows me to relax and relieve some stress.
So find something that helps to relieve your stress and remember to not let that stress consume your life!