Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Views On Education

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Views On Education

In the 2016 Presidential election, education hasn’t really been a top tiered topic of discussion.
Clinton, Trump and other previous candidates focused on national security, foreign policy and email scandals.
In either case, the candidates have given some insight into what their plans might be.
Here are some of the views that Trump and Clinton have on education:
Donald Trump

  • Pledged to invest $20 billion worth of vouchers for students to attend a school of their choice.
  • Supports charter schools
  • Criticizes teachers’ union
  • Promises to get rid of Common Core
  • Will fight Clinton’s debt-free college proposal

Hillary Clinton

  • Oppose Trump’s voucher program
  • Supports charter schools
  • Won endorsement for two national largest teacher unions
  • Supports Common Core (though rarely mentions it)
  • Supports debt-free college tuition for families earning less than $125k

Trump’s plan would use federal dollars to establish a grant to allow children living in poverty to attend the school of their choice.
Clinton is on the total opposite side of this argument and said it would “decimate public schools across America.”
Trump has said very little about higher education, though he criticized the government’s role in student lending, according to PBS.
With this 2016 election going the way it is, there’s no telling what if any of these proposals will ever happen.
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