Holiday Gift Guide for Greeks

During the new member education, new members learn more about the organization’s history, values, event participation, sisterhood/brotherhood, philanthropic endeavors and academic expectations. This is also when the new members will heavily interact with other new members, known as their pledge class, and begin bonding with the current members. The new member educator, a sorority/fraternity member who is in charge of the pledges, organizes mandated study times, optional social events, mandatory philanthropic events and/or weekly meetings.
The new member education period is also when most new members receive their big brother or sister, a mentor to guide them through the sometimes stressful and overwhelming process.

New members are also traditionally showered with gifts during their pledge period, so in the spirit of the holidays and the season of giving, we here at EDU In Review have put together a Greek Holiday Gift Guide for what to get your sorority or fraternity big or little sister or brother. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these gifts, this guide was created as a Polyvore.

  • A custom made t-shirt or sweatshirt with Greek organization letters.
  • Greek organization coffee tumblers. This gift is great for Greek PR across campus for other students to see your brother or sister studying in the library with the coffee tumbler.
  • Greek organization crest holiday ornaments.
  • Greek organization crest ping pong balls. Now they can impress their friends with their special beer pong balls at their next party.
  • Greek organization flask.
  • Greek organization koozies add a little fraternity and sorority spirit to the next football tailgate.
  • Greek organization ties.
  • Greek organization water bottles not only make for a great eco-friendly gift but promotes health and wellness.
  • Jewelry- just make sure to notice if they wear gold or silver.
  • Luggage tag, perfect for identifying your suitcase at the airport if they’re traveling home for the holidays.
  • Paddle

Most of these items are available at campus bookstores in the Greek life department or from online stores like Greek Gear and Greek For Me.
And if you’re a little strapped for cash this season, there are also options for gifts from the heart, and not from your wallet.