Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom on a College Budget

She gave you the gift of life, and even though you might be a poor college student now, she still deserves a gift this holiday season. Sure, a framed copy of your report card for this semester is a good idea, but maybe you should consider changing it up this year.
Here are three more creative gift ideas you can get for your mom this year. And yes, we are keeping the fact that you might not exactly be rolling in the dough in mind. However, there are also some more luxury minded options.
1. Pampered Momma
College Budget: Body Lotions Estimated Cost: $25
Luxury Budget: Spa Gift Card Estimated Cost: at least $50
Most moms love being pampered, whether this means taking a bubble bath at home or getting a massage at the local spa. You can either create an at-home-spa experience for Momma or you can send her somewhere else for her pampering. The at-home spa could consist of body lotions, bubble bath, and a loofah. You can buy a gift card in any amount you want, but most spa packages cost at least $50.

2. Maid Service
College Budget: Do it yourself Estimated Cost: Free
Luxury Budget: Hire a maid Estimated Cost: $100
My mom hates cleaning her house. It is her most dreaded activity, and I have a feeling no mom really enjoys it. If your mom is the same way, here’s a great gift for her. You can either do the cleaning yourself, which has no out-of-pocket expense, however, you will have to devote a day to vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing. Or you can hire someone else to do it for you. Professional maid services usually run about $100, but it will vary depending on what services and level of cleaning you prefer.
3. Picture That
College Budget: Photo album book filled with family photos Estimated Cost: $15
Luxury Budget: Photo book made from your photos by a professional service Estimated Cost: $35
This is another one of those DIY options. You can buy a photo album and fill it with your own photos, writing captions when appropriate, or you can download your pictures on a professional service, like Kodak or iPhoto, and have them create the photo book for you. Either way, Mom’s sure to love it.
These are just a few suggestions. What are you going to get your Mom this holiday season? Share your ideas below!
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