Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Brother on a College Budget

Alright, so maybe he wasn’t exactly nice to you when you were both younger. Maybe he pulled your hair or hid your favorite toys. Hopefully he’s matured a little by now and has stopped irritating you just for the pleasure of getting on your nerves. He’s your brother and even though he might not deserve it at times, you should probably get him a gift this holiday season.
Here are some cheap and fun gift ideas you can get your brother this year. And hey, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money.

1. A Fun Alarm Clock
No college student likes waking up in the mornings to go to class, but now you can make this dreaded occurrence a little easier for your bro. Check out this list of the best alarm clocks for students to decide which is best for the brother in your life.
2. Make a Donation
If your brother is passionate about something, he would really appreciate it if you expressed an interest in it, too. If your brother cares about the environment or helping others, make a donation in his name to an organization that supports his cause. You can make a financial donation or donate time. For example, if he is an animal rights activist, you could donate a day walking dogs for the local shelter. Maybe you can convince him to go with you and then you two can get some sibling bonding time in.

3. Movie Madness
College students are broke, and that includes your brother, so give him unlimited movie access for the next two months for less than $20. NetFlix offers flexible subscriptions, allowing you to determine how many movies your brother gets every month and how much you are willing to spend. It’s a lot cheaper than actually buying him a movie and he will get to watch as many movies as he wants. It’s a win-win.
4. Reading Makes You Smarter
Paperback books are relatively cheap so you can get several books for your brother to enjoy for not a lot of money. Pick out books you think he will enjoy, or maybe just the ones you think he should read. (That way, if he doesn’t like the books, you’ll have something to do while you are at home this holiday season.)
These are only a few gift ideas for your brother this season. Do you have another ideas? Share them with us below!
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