Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Sister on a College Budget

Maybe she acted as your second mom when you were growing up, or maybe she was the terror who stole your favorite toys and wouldn’t give them back. Maybe she walked with you to school on your first day and told you how to avoid the mean kids in class or maybe she was the mean kid in your class.
Either way, she’s your sister and now that you are both grown up (although that does not necessarily mean you are more mature), it’s time to show some sibling love and get her the best holiday gift you can think of…and can afford on your college student budget.

1. Stylin’ Sis
College Budget: One-year subscription to her favorite fashion magazine Estimated Cost: $12 – $20
Luxury Budget: All day shopping spree on your tab Estimated Cost: At least $100
If your sister is fashion forward and likes to look like she just stepped off the runway, then this is the gift for her. There are many women’s fashion magazines, such as Glamour and Vogue, that are sure to delight your sis. This is also a great idea because she will be reminded of what a fantastic brother/sister she has every single month when she gets a new mag in the mail. If you want to be a big spender this year, you can take your sis on a shopping spree to pick out a new outfit. This is a great option if she is graduating this year and needs a new, professional wardrobe.
2. Show that School Spirit
College Budget: Make her a fleece blanket Estimated Cost: $15
Luxury Budget: Dress her in a school hoodie or jersey Estimated Cost: $40
Fleece blankets are very easy to make. Pick out a piece of fleece that features her school’s colors, mascot, or logo. Then follow these steps to make a personalized blanket that she’ll love all winter. Or, if you are not the most creative person around, take a trip to her school’s bookstore and get her a hoodie, sweatshirt, or jersey. Just make sure you ask Mom what her size is before you go shopping!

3. Decorate her Space
College Budget: Hit up the thrift stores for funky-cool wall accessories Estimated Cost: $15
Luxury Budget: Go to a furniture store and pick out some classier decorations Estimated Cost: $75
This is only a good option if you really know your sister. If your sister is headed off to college or moving to a new home, she’ll want something to hang on her walls. You can really make this idea fit your budget by choosing the right places to shop. You can go to thrift stores to find unique, vintage items or you could head to Pottery Barn to find more current trends. You can even branch out and hit up different stores, like Target or Ross, garage sales, or rummage through your parents’ attic. Bonus points if you take your sis with you and make it a sibling bonding time.
These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Do you have any fun ideas for holiday gifts for your sister? Share them with us below!
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