Holiday Gift Ideas for Dad on a College Budget

He’s the guy who taught you how to ride a bike. Then, when you were ready for a nicer set of wheels, he taught you how to drive a car. He’s provided advice and listened when you needed him.
There’s no way you can give him a gift as wonderful as he deserves, but you can give Dad something better than a burned CD full of music he’ll never listen to. Here are some creative ideas for gifts for Dad this holiday season. (As always, we are keeping in mind that you might not have tons of cash to put towards gifts this year. Hey, you’re a college student, we get it.)

1. Play Ball
College Budget: A baseball/basketball/football Estimated Cost: $10 – $20
Luxury Budget: Tickets to see his favorite team playing at a sporting event Estimated Cost: At least $50
If you dad is an athletic guy, then buying him a ball and throwing it around after the holiday meal might just be the best gift ever. In addition to providing quality bonding time, it will also give you both an excuse to avoid the after-meal-clean-up. Or, if he’s an avid sports fan, take him to see his favorite team in action. Professional and amateur sporting games are a blast, and since you bought tickets, snacks should be on him, right?
2. “Play that Funky Music…”
College Budget: An iPod Shuffle Estimated Cost: $50
Luxury Budget:Tickets to a concert of a band you both enjoy Estimated Cost: $100
Dad needs to get with the times and ditch that old Walkman. The new iPod Shuffles are pretty cheap and you can get his favorite color. Earn major bonus points if you preload it with his favorite songs (because, let’s face it, he might not be able to figure it out.) Another option is taking him to a concert that you both enjoy. This is a great option because it will also give Dad what he wants most this holiday season: time spent with you.
3. Cleanliness is Godliness
College Budget: Do It Yourself Estimated Cost: Free
Luxury Budget: Take his car to the car wash for a professional clean Estimated Cost: $45
My dad loves having a clean car. The problem is, he doesn’t always have time to keep it nice, shining, and sparkling. You can either get out the soapy water and vacuum and do it yourself, or can you take it to the car wash. Either way, Dad’s bound to be happier driving around in a clean car.
These are only a few suggestions for holiday gifts for you dad. Do you have any other ideas? Share them with us below!
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