Host an Olympic Party in Your Dorm Room

With the 2010 Winter Olympics just a few days away, why not curb the winter blues and host an Olympic-themed party in your college dorm room or apartment during the opening ceremonies?
Consider this Olympic kick-off party just another reason to gather some friends around, nosh on some great food and drinks and become inspired by the young athletes who have trained for their entire lives for this day.
Here are few tips to get your Olympic party going.

  • Don patriotic clothing: Guests are only allowed to wear clothing that represents their country of origin. So if you hail from the U.S., red, white and blue digs must be worn and for your dorm buddy who comes from India, green, saffron and white clothing is their ticket into the soiree.

Support your fellow athletes: Does a Team USA athlete study and train at your school? If so, offer up a toast to him or her just as the torch of the Olympic fire is lit.
Liven it up with festive decorations: Hit the dollar-store a day before the party and grab some fun props, giveways and party favors. Plastic hockey pucks, cheap necklaces that resemble Olympic medals, and small paper country flags are all creative ideas that will up the fun and laugh-factor.
Prepare winning eats: Think tasty party food that is easy to prepare and yummy to eat. If you want, play up the red, white and blue theme. Red velvet cupcakes topped with white and blue icing, cookies shaped like skis or hockey sticks are colorful eats. If you have Canadian friends, whip up a batch of Canada’s own Nanaimo bars. Take a graham cracker crust, add one small layer of melted marshmallows and drizzle another layer with melted chocolate. Let cool, slice and eat. Pizza, sub sandwiches, chips and dips are all tasty options.
Channel your inner athlete: For the true die-hard sports enthusiasts, you could organize a game of Fantasy Olympics by bidding on certain events and teams. Just keep the competition friendly and sportsman-like.
Keep in mind that many of your favorite athletes are also students.
Here a few Team USA student athletes:

  • Graham Watanabe
  • Katie Uhlaender
  • Michelle Roark
  • Zach Lund
  • Amanda Evora
  • Meryl Davis