How to Answer the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Nervous about your next job interview? You can prepare by studying these potential interview questions.
Not sure what they’ll ask? Read these five most common questions, and learn how to better answer them.
Tell me about yourself: This isn’t a life-story question. What they really want to know is about your education background, work experience and other relative qualifications. There’s really no need to go into detail because they’ll likely ask more specific questions later on in the interview. Just emphasize years of experience and your proudest achievements.
Where do you see yourself in five years?: Also another general question, you always want to convey that you like to keep your options open, while still following a basic 5-year plan. There’s nothing wrong with telling your potential employer that you may go back to school, move to a different state or start a family. However, you don’t what make it seem like these are set-in-stone plans. Future employers will doubt your flexibility.

Tell me about a difficult situation at your past job: This is when you want to be specific. They want to see that you can make good decisions when they’re not around. Talk about how you handled a rude customer, or how you stepped up to the plate when a supervisor wasn’t around.
What experience do you have that qualifies you to work for us?: If you’re transitioning into a new career, you’ll have to get creative. People, organization and management skills are relevant no matter where you work. It’s OK to admit you’re new to this career field, but assure your potential employer that you’re willing to learn the necessary training for the job.
Why do you want to work for this company?: You should have already researched the company inside and out. Let them know that their mission statement adheres to your professional beliefs. That lets the employer know that you’ll enjoy working for the company and that you’re not just looking for a job with better pay and benefits.
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