How to Beat College Downtime

“I’m bored” should never be a phrase uttered by a college student, especially one living on campus. Between classes and studying, dorm activities, intramural sports, Greek activities and the endless of other social and academic events taking place, every student can and will find a place to keep them occupied.
Here are some sure-fire places to find fellow coeds killing time and not being bored.

  • Start in the dorm. Whether with your roommate or the girls across the hall, watch a movie, go shopping or just grab a snack and chat.
  • Go clubbin’. And we don’t mean at the bar. Most larger colleges and universities have hundreds of clubs and organizations that suit nearly every possible interest and college major. Join one, or two.
  • Go Greek. Rush a fraternity or rush a sorority. In both places you’ll find more than a social outlet, but life-long friendships, networking contacts, academic support and sometimes a place to live.
  • Leave campus. College towns cater to the students, so find a live band, art showing, or even go grocery shopping. Learn more about the town you’ll call home for the next four, or five, years.
  • Get a job. If all else fails, find a part-time job, either on campus or off. Extra cash will always come in handy and you’ll broaden your social circle.

Read on to learn more about how to kill downtime in college. And save “I’m bored” for weekend trips to visit the folks.