How to Become a YouTube Sensation

YouTube is an integral part of entertainment and education. It’s a fabulous concept, really: average people taking moments out of their lives to tutor the masses and make others laugh. From makeup tutorials, to business promotion to hilarious home videos, there’s something on YouTube for everyone.
Do you feel like you have something to add to the world of viral entertainment? Well, so does everybody else. If your intent is to post a video or two for your friends and family to enjoy, then none of this information applies to you. Aunt June will love the video of Baby Tommy sneaking treats out of Rover’s bowl, regardless of how you approach it. On the other hand, if you wish to get hundreds, thousands or millions of views, then you might want to start paying attention. Why do some videos ‘go viral’ and others barely get any exposure at all?
First off, you can’t expect your 15 minutes of YouTube fame unless you’re willing to lay some ground work. Invest in a good video camera and educate yourself about video editing. Hey, you could try looking that up on YouTube!
Social networking is the easiest and most effective way to promote yourself. You know the drill: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
If your mission is to tutor or educate, be sure you know what you’re talking about. Dress and speak professionally.
You cannot expect people to be interested in a video that is (to put it lightly) boring. I know that seems obvious, but I urge you to think about this more in-depth. Take a look at what people are viewing so you have an idea of what the public wants. Be real, be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new.
Lead singer of OK Go, Damian Kulash, claims that it’s all very simple. He said, “Content succeeds online because it brings people joy, it makes them smile — it’s interesting enough to be passed along to friends and family members. That’s no stunt”, he said, “it’s just a matter of making something that’s genuine and interesting.”
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