How to Choose a College Major

Today’s guest blog comes from Jillianne Hamilton, a journalism student in Charlottetown, PE, Canada and a student blogger for, an unbiased college matchmaking site that helps students find a college.
Choosing a major is often times more important than choosing a college. Thankfully, it comes a little later in the process. But when the time comes to choose, it sometimes can be difficult to decide which path to take. Here are some tips to help you along the way.
1. You, your strengths, your goals. Imagine yourself (or who you’d like to be) in ten years. Where do you see yourself? Are you the type to be happy living on a modest income? Consider your passions and interests and what feels “right” to you. Be realistic.
2. Research earnings and job openings related to that major. Once you’ve graduated from college, you’ll want to get into the job market ASAP. Find out what other students who had the same major are doing now.
3. Get a summer internship to see what working in the field would really be like. You might like it, you might love it. You also might hate it.
4. Look at what it takes to “make it” in your chosen field. Look at those who are successful in the field: what strengths do they possess? Do you possess similar strengths?
5. Don’t declare your major too early (or too late). You never know. You might end up wanting to do something completely different in a couple years. The Counseling and Career Center at Brigham Young University recommends choosing your major during sophomore year. Save freshman year for learning about what interests you most and taking courses that relate to those interests. This also gives you some time to change your major in case you change your mind.
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