How to Find Love on a College Campus

How many popular chick-flicks today focus on a happy couple meeting in college, falling in love, and living happily ever after? I have to admit, the majority of my favorite movies have this exact plot line. So, is it any wonder that many students come to college expecting to learn the skills for their future jobs, have a lot of fun, and meet the person of their dreams?
Unfortunately, finding love on a college campus is a little harder than they show on the cinema screen. However, it is not impossible. Follow these tips to find love on a college campus.
Look for love in the right places. Sure, you might meet someone special in a bar, but what are you likely to have in common (except a shared love of tequila, perhaps)? Instead, try to look for someone who shares a similar interest with you. You could join a club or an organization on campus whose members share a passion. If you meet someone in this setting, you will have something to talk about besides which alcohol tastes the best mixed with Coke.
Be nice. I know this seems like common sense, but sometimes we forget this when we are trying to play hard to get. However, it really is true that most friendly people like friendly people – and you do not want to be with an unfriendly person, right? Feel free to throw around a few compliments when you are first meeting someone. At the least, you won’t earn a reputation for being rude, and at most, you might meet someone who is equally as nice.
Make lots of friends. Just because Johnny isn’t your type does not mean you shouldn’t give him the time of day. The more friends you have, the wider your social circle, and the more likely you are to meet that special someone through a mutual friend.
Be yourself. If you really can’t stay up past 11:30pm, then don’t agree to go out to dinner at 9:00pm, followed by a night at the clubs. You will end up yawning and exhausted before the date is over and chances are, you wouldn’t mesh well with a night owl in the long run anyway. So, be yourself. It’s the oldest bit of advice in the book, but it really is important. The right person will like you for you, and anyone who does not like the real you is not worth the hassle.
Give second chances. Let’s say you go out with Emily who snorts whenever she laughs, and it’s one of your biggest pet peeves. Don’t kick her to the curb right away. Everyone deserves a second chance. Who knows, you might find out on the second date that Emily has the best singing voice you have ever heard and can tell stories like J.K. Rowling. You never would have known if you hadn’t gotten past the snorting. Obviously, this does not apply to deal breakers, like a smoker/non-smoker or a religious person/non-religious person, so use your common sense, but try not to be too judgmental.
Finding love on campus can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips, it might be easier than you thought. With a little luck, you might find Prince or Princess Charming this semester.
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