How to Get off the College Wait List

Just because April 1 has slipped by on the calendar, does not mean that you are necessarily stuck.
If you did not get accepted to your choice college, one possibility to consider is the wait list. If you got wait listed at a school you would love to go to, there is still a chance! Be sure to send in the notice you get with your decision letter and also try to send something in that will set you apart. Send in a picture of yourself doing something you love, send multiple pictures, or have another teacher write you a recommendation letter. Another great way to show interest, is by writing the school a letter yourself explaining why you are still interested in the school and why you should be considered to be taken off the wait list. Just don’t be too pleading or whining in this letter, because it may come across badly.
Also, trying to figure out financial aid is something you can play around with. If you are in a financial situation that may prevent you from attending your number one choice, contact the school. Whether you contact the admissions counselor or the financial aid office probably doesn’t matter. Just don’t hesitate to ask questions or express concern, you never know what can happen if you are willing to contact your school and speak with them. I’ve learned this firsthand!
While April first has come and gone, don’t think you are completely trapped. You may be if you only applied to one school or only got accepted to one school. If this is the case, I’m sure that it’s for a reason! Everything will work out in the end!