How to Make Friends on Campus

If you’re not living in the dorms, you’ll likely feel left out and unsure how to make friends. I struggled to make friends my freshman year of college, with my commute being more than a half hour. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I started to spend more time on campus and eventually got to know some students on campus.
Meeting new people can be a challenge, especially if you don’t live on campus. Read these tips that will help you make instant friends.
Join a club: Try to find a club or student group that coincides with your major. Not only will you likely meet people that take the same courses, you’ll make a strong connection with people who share the same interests as you. Sports teams also offer a great way to meet students who have a common interest with you.
Get an on-campus job: They typically don’t pay much, but work study programs allow you to earn money between classes. Not only will you meet new college students, you’ll also get to know professors and other faculty and staff.
Go to student activities: A lot of students who don’t live on campus often feel out place at campus events. However, the more events you attend, like sports games and dances, the more comfortable you’ll feel. You’ll see the same familiar faces every time, and, eventually, you’ll become one of the crowd.
Buy a meal plan: Though meal plans may not make the most economical sense if you’re living off-campus, eating in the cafeteria is a great way to make friends. Never sit at a table by yourself. This isn’t elementary school, and the majority of college students will welcome you to sit down at their table.
If you’re genuine and truly want to get to know other people, others will want to get to know you as well. Greet students with confidence and true interest, and you’ll meet new people instantly.
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