How to Make the Most of a Mini Fridge

Many dorms, particularly those for freshmen, are not well-equipped with kitchens. Plus, the communal fridge is always in danger of being raided by hungry dorm-dwellers. When it comes to keeping food in the dorms, most college students turn to an in-room solution: the mini fridge. Here are some hints on how to make the most of that tiny, chilly space.

1. Don’t waste space with a six-pack of water. If your mini refrigerator has a small freezer section, use it for ice cubes.
2. Buy mini bottles or cans of soda and consider juice boxes. Not only do the smaller containers save space, they also make for good portion control.
3. Avoid excess packaging. Consider repackaging products in plastic wrap or sandwich bags.
4. Only buy things that spoil quickly if you plan on using them right away. Mini refrigerators have less stable temperatures than normal refrigerators, so things like raw meat are more vulnerable to spoilage. It’s best to stock up on fruits and veggies that can be eaten raw and won’t go bad if the temperature occasionally drops.

5. Consider removing the shelf. You’ll have more room for bigger items and more flexibility when stacking smaller items.

6. Limit your condiments to the items you use all the time. Forego sauces that you eat infrequently.
7. Purge frequently. If you haven’t touched something in two weeks, it means that you don’t want to eat it and it doesn’t deserve the real estate. Plus, it has probably gone bad.
8. Stock up on freezy pops. What else are you going to put next to the ice cube tray in that tiny freezer space?
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