How to Make Your Dorm Cozy

Bleak and dark may be the best words to describe dorm rooms, and if you’re sick of looking at those white walls, your utilitarian living quarters aren’t cutting it. The best way to make your dorm feel more cozy is to make it look like you actually live there, not just sleep there.
Ward off homesickness and make your dorm feel cozy by following these simple tips.

Photos: Place framed photos on your desk, hang them above your bed or stick them on the fridge. Whether it be friends or family, pictures of loved ones will give your dorm a sense of warmth.
Curtains: Pick colorful ones that will brighten up your day. Just check to make sure that your color choice is OK with your roommate.
Bedding: Bring your old one from home or purchase another one just like it. Cozy means comfortable, so when you’re feeling homesick, snuggling up with a familiar blanket may offer some security.
Bed placement: If you’re not comfortable with your new bed, it could just be the way it is positioned in your dorm room. Position your bed the way it is at home. For instance, if your bed is placed by a window at home, so should your new bed.
Wall art: Bring posters and photos from home or go to your local craft store and purchase some already-framed art. Your room should be an escape, so be sure to hang up images that will give you a mood-booster every time you see them.
Over-sized rugs: If your sick and tired of walking on that plain, commercial-grade stuff, then opt for an area-size rug. Personalization is key. If flowers give you a sense of serenity, pick a floral print. If light colors lighten your mood, chose a pastel-colored rug.
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