How to Quickly Raise Your Grades

Finals are a little less than six weeks away, and if your grades are in the dumps, you’re probably ready to pull out your hair. But, there’s still hope on the horizon. There’s still time to turn that C into a B or B into an A.
Here are some tips on how to boost your grades by the end of the semester:
Turn in missing assignments: This one is kind of a no-brainer, but some students forget to ask instructors what’s causing their low grades. You may have missed a day and didn’t realize you had homework, or you may have simply forgotten to turn in work. While some professors have strict rules about taking late assignments, others will give credit even if the assignment is a couple of weeks late.
Ask about re-dos: Didn’t do so well on your mid-term paper? Ask your instructor if you can re-write it for a better grade. Ask what specifically was wrong with your paper. Maybe your ideas weren’t fully developed, or maybe your paper was full of grammar mistakes. If you get another shot at re-writing your paper, don’t blow it. Spend as much time on it as possible. Show your teacher that you really want that A.
Ask for extra credit: Some professors will only give extra credit if you ask for it. If nothing comes to your instructor’s mind, offer suggestions. Ask if you could volunteer at one of your professor’s favorite non-profit organizations, or see if you could attend a subject-related seminar for extra credit.
Dedicate some time to your homework: If you’re scribbling down your homework 20 minutes before class just to get a little check mark in the grade book, you’re not getting the full benefit of your assignments. Homework helps you assess how well you understand the material. If you’re stumbling on over a quarter of the problems, you’re not absorbing the necessary information. You need to get with your instructor, or find a tutor.
Find a good study partner: If your test scores are keeping your grades down, it’s probably time to improve your study habits. Find someone you know who is acing tests, and spend a couple of hours studying with that person. Compare notes, or make flashcards and quiz each other.
If you want to improve your grades, you have to make it happen. You can’t just wait for your professors to cut you some slack. Though your instructors want to see you succeed, they also want to be sure you truly deserve an A.
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