How to Save Money on Hidden College Costs

Sure, college tuition may cost an arm and a leg, but when you figure all the other hidden costs, you can expect to spend your fingers and toes as well. It’s no surprise that you spend money beyond tuition, but you may be shocked by what the average college student purchases in two semesters and what it adds up to be.
Here’s some unbelievably costly college expenditures and how you can save on them:
The average yearly cost: $2,600
How you can save: When you go out, only get what’s on special, or mooch off of your peers, and drink at house parties. Even better, limit your drinking to only one night a week or a few times a month.

The average yearly cost: $1,800
How you can save: Starbucks is tasty, but it’s also expensive. Make your own morning brew. You could also stop by one of the college’s offices, and fill up your thermos with some of their complimentary coffee.
The average yearly cost: $750
How you can save: You’ve got to look stylish while you’re cramming for the exam, but there is no reason to sport a $40 t-shirt while doing so. Re-invent your style by mixing up some of your pieces, or just purchase a funky accessory to give you a new look. When you do need to shop for a new wardrobe, spend your money on the staples like jeans and plain shirts. You can go cheap on the rest by sorting through clearance racks and going to Goodwill.
The average yearly cost: $756
How you can save: First, see if you can downgrade your cellphone plan, or get rid of it, and replace it with a pay-as you-go phone for emergencies. Then, use a home phone for your daily calls. If the dorm doesn’t provide one, buy a Magic Jack. The device plugs into the USB port of your computer. It costs only $40 for the first year and $20 thereafter. All you need is a computer with a broadband connection.
The average yearly cost: $4,000
How you can save: When you go to the movies, opt for second-run theaters over first-run theaters. Check out campus activities before you make other plans. They’re usually cheaper than trying to find something to attend off- campus. As for concerts, see if any local bands are playing on Saturday before you decide to purchase expensive tickets to the big arena. Local bands add a lot of flavor to your campus town, so be sure to support them.
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