How To Set A Budget While Studying Abroad

My Newly Developed Budget
So I have been studying abroad for about two weeks now, and it just occurred to me how much money I’ve already spent. It is kinda of crazy to think I have almost spent 500 Euros in two weeks, when I don’t spend that much in an entire month in the States. Considering that what I am spending are Euros, which are worth $1.30 USD, I could really get into trouble if I do not cut back.

I have decided to set myself a budget for the rest of my trip. At first, I was just buying whatever I wanted, no matter how much it cost. In a word, I was being dumb.
If you are planning on studying abroad, I recommend to set your budget before you leave the country. This will help you stay within your financial limits.
When setting a budget, consider these things that can quickly drain your bank account:
1. Food
2. Transportation
3. Shopping for souvenirs
4. Communication
5. Miscellaneous
If setting an individual budget for each category does not sound appealing to you, you can also set a daily allowance.
As long as you stay within this limit, you should be just fine.
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