How to Stay Organized in College

Whether a college freshman or returning for what feels like your umpteenth semester, it’s important to start the year off with a plan to manage your schedule. The first few weeks might seem easy, a paper here, a book to read there, a few math problems here; but before long you’ll have 15 hours worth of papers, exams, required reading, class projects and more to keep track of, and that’s when problems begin.
There are probably as many ways to organize your schedule as there are college majors, so it’s important to find a method that suits your style and let it works for you. Whether it’s old school paper and pen, an iPhone app, a Google calendar or fancy leather-bound planner, make sure you have a scheduling method in place, and use it!
You’ll also find that note taking is imperative to your success, as you’ll reference these for exam prep and writing papers. Again, everyone has a style, so find what works best for you and stick with it.
If you prepare ahead of time for exams, rather than hours before, then you’re guaranteed to see that GPA rise. It starts with keeping your calendar updated with anticipated dates, referencing your notes, and communicating with your professor or his former students.
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