How to Survive Valentine's Day Single

Are heart-shaped chocolate boxes and overly-stuffed teddy bears making you sick to your stomach? Maybe it’s because you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day and you’re dreading spending the whole day alone. However, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day of misery for the relationship challenged.
Here are five ways to rock Valentine’s Day without a significant other:
Volunteer: Spend some time at a nursing home or a soup kitchen. Spending the day volunteering with others who need your help will make you feel good inside and less crappy about being alone.

Splurge: Whether it be a new video game, a box of chocolates or a day at the spa, Valentine’s Day is also a day to love yourself. So, go ahead and make the day special by spoiling yourself.
Hang out with friends: Trash talk ex-boyfriends and girlfriends with your buds, or sulk in your own misery and loneliness. Which sounds better? Go out to dinner or catch a flick with your single friends. You’ll feel better knowing that they are in the same boat as you.
Spend time with your family: Take your little brother or sister to the arcade, or make dinner for your parents. It’s important that you’re surrounded by your loved ones, and they will be happy to see you too.
Forget about the holiday: Pretend like it’s any other day of the year. There’s no sense in getting worked up about being alone on this particular day of the year. Go to school. Go to work. Do your homework. Do whatever you need to do to get your mind off being single.