How to Survive Your College Roommate

Dorm rooms across the country are beginning to fill with doe-eyed college freshmen and slightly jaded sophomores. It’s an exciting time, as for most students it’s the first address they’ve ever had that they didn’t share with their parents. You might have shared a room with your little brother or sister at home, but we promise you few people will take tattling seriously in your dorm if your roommate touches your stuff.
Living with a college roommate isn’t as bad as you might have heard or have imagined in your head, usually. Whether you and your dorm roommate are bound to be life-long friends, or counting the days until holiday break to get away from one another, we want to show you how to start off on the right foot.
1. Make Contact
A proper introduction sets the tone of the relationship, and breaking the ice early gives you a head start on addressing more pressing issues (like who’s bringing the Xbox — see No. 3). So, once you get your roommate’s name and contact info, put it to good use by shooting him an e-mail or a Facebook friend request. If you’re feeling particularly brave, pick up the phone and dial those digits.
2. Set Ground Rules
First off, make sure the two of you have similar packing plans for stuff you’re going to share, like a TV, large rug or mini-fridge. “There’s so much stuff to bring that it’s easy not to be on the same page,” reflects Virginia Tech senior Valerie Carboni. After you figure out who’s bringing what, it’s time to lay down the law.
Read on to learn more about how to live with a college roommate – successfully.