How to Talk to Your Professor About Raising Your Grade

Want to talk to your professor about your grade but not sure how? Your instructor won’t ask you if you’re unhappy with your grade. If you’re not pleased with your performance in class, it’s up to you to set up a time to talk with your professor.
Here are 4 tips on how to conquer that grueling conversation:
Calculate your grade and compare it to the professor’s calculation before you speak to him or her. You can look at your syllabus to see how tests and homework are weighted. If you find a discrepancy in your grade, don’t get angry with your instructor. Politely let your teacher know that you figured a different grade, and ask if there might be something missing from the grade book.

Be honest about why you’ve gotten behind. Sickness, death in the family and being involved in too many activities are more legitimate excuses. However, the less legitimate ones are worth being noted. If you procrastinate, tell your instructor that you’re struggling with time management. If you haven’t been paying attention in class, tell him or her that you easily get distracted. Professors will appreciate your integrity and will be more likely to extend deadlines or offer extra credit.
Offer solutions on how you can raise your grade. Ask them if you can re-take a quiz or see about turning in missed assignments. Before you approach your teacher, put together a game plan. Know what’s missing from the professor’s grade book and figure out what test and quiz scores are hurting your grade the most.
Be grateful if he or she does give you a second chance. Unless your grade was mis-calculated by the instructor, it’s not their fault that you’re not happy with your current grade. Don’t be pushy and insist for more than what he or she offers. Instead, be thankful, and get your re-dos done in a timely manner.
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