How to Transition a Relationship from High School to College

If you’ve had a long-time, or even a brief, relationship in high school, and aren’t quite ready to pack it away with your yearbook, take some time to consider where your relationship is going and how it might work on different campuses. Your love-struck heart may not want to hear it, but many relationships do not survive that life-changing transition from high school to college, especially if you’re attending different schools or live in different states.
That’s not to say it’s not worth a try, and seriously discussing your relationship with your significant other. It’s not the norm, but couples have done it and beat the odds.

  • Stay in touch. With IM, video chat, texting and Skype, long-distance communication is easier than ever. Make it a priority if you want your relationship to last past midterms.
  • See each other. Plan trips home at the same time, and if your college ride can make the trip, try to visit one another’s campuses.
  • Trust. Without it, you’re done. If you can’t trust your other half not to give in to temptation at a rival school, then you should address that sooner than later.
  • Break it off. Sometimes, the harder course of action is the right one. The distance, time apart, trust issues, and growing and varying interests are Kryptonite for any relationship.

Read on to get even more advice on how long-distance relationships can thrive in college.