Huffington Post College

College campuses are some of the greatest places in the academic world. Each one is different, but they all have a feeling of limitless possibilities, newly discovered passions, and a dedication to accomplishing higher goals. When you step onto a college campus, you can’t help but smile (unless it’s finals week, but we won’t talk about that).
Most news stories we see on the television or read in the paper are the complete opposite. They bring us news of suffering people in foreign countries, rising economic stresses, and violence among neighbors. I personally avoid the news whenever I can, because it leaves me feeling depressed and discouraged, like there’s nothing I can do to improve the world around me.
Colleges and news stories appear to have nothing in common, right? Well, they didn’t really, until HuffPost College was created. HuffPost College is a news website dedicated to bringing the voices of college students across the country together on one student-centered, news website.
Arrianna Huffington, the creator the site, says the goal is to give “a real-time snapshot of what’s going on in the lives of the nation’s 19 million college students.”
She says this snapshot will cover everything college students are concerned with, from sports to paying for college to freedom of expression.
HuffPost has partnered with more than 60 college newspapers to provide real-time news coverage, opinions, and photos that would concern college students. Some of these newspapers are based in schools like Duke University, the University of Hawaii, and Columbia University.
By including articles and blogs written by these student journalists, HuffPost College hopes to offer a “once-in-a-lifetime blend of stimulation and challenge, risk and reward, promise and uncertainly, the intellectual and the playful — all served up with a heaping helping of youthful vigor.”
So the next time that you need to know what’s going on in the world, or just want to see how the University of Missouri, another contributing university, is doing in football rankings, don’t go to your old news source. Instead, check out the news website that is written for students, by students: HuffPost College.