Immersive German Helps Beginners Get Momentum

Learning another language is a horizon-broadening experience, but it can be hard to get started. Fortunately, new tools powered by mobile devices are helping students learn foreign languages by new and exciting methods. The Immersive German app for iPhone and iPad is one of these tools.
Some of my readers may remember me geeking out over French-Language apps from Erasmos because I’ve spent a lot of time studying French, but I have to say I know very little German. Immersive German, as you might expect, takes an immersive approach to teaching a German and uses as little spoken English as possible. It uses pictures an spoken words to convey lessons. There are ten lessons which teach you very basics, which is perfect for a beginner like me.
Immersive German also has the advantage of teaching you whole phrases at a time. After learned a few basic verbs and nouns, the lessons throw you into into simple sentences that build on and reinforce earlier lessons.
Although students who want to fully master German will need more traditional grammar instruction, the Immersive German app is a great way for users to make a lot of progress quickly and acquire a foundational vocabulary. The company also offers Immersive Thai and Immersive Korean.
Get Immersive German for iPhone here!