Indianapolis Public Schools Halve Summer Vacation

Indianapolis Public Schools are falling in line with President Obama’s wish for students to attend school year-round. The largest school district in Indiana is proposing a massive change to their academic calendar.
The new schedule will combine some of the aspects of a year-round plan with the traditional school calendar, a system they’re calling the “balance calendar.” The start of the school year would be the same, but summer vacation would be cut down to five weeks. Students would then attend classes for about nine weeks, and have a three week break in the fall.
Another aspect of the new calendar is that during non-holiday school breaks, schools will still be open for students who need or want additional help. The plan also provides an added level of childcare. “The great thing about new calendar that we’re proposing is that not only will our kids get 180 days of instruction, they could potentially have 200 days of instruction,” said Mary Louise Bewley, a spokesperson for the school district.
“I like the idea that it’s district-wide,” said parent Nancy Royal. “I think it would be a very difficult thing for my son, who’s not going to like me sounding like I’m for it. I love the idea of more time off in the fall.”
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